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Molecular imaging techniques
to generate accurate data

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Nextgen Ventures invests in AxelaRx B.V.

Groningen, The Netherlands – Wednesday October, 10th 2019

Nextgen Ventures invests in AxelaRx B.V., a company that deploys molecular imaging techniques to generate accurate data about the distribution of fluorescent labelled drugs and tracers. By using the combination of fluorescence and in-human microdosing, the company accelerates drug development and enhances early critical decision making.

AxelaRx B.V. holds two main activities. Firstly, it conducts business through its subsidiary TRACER that offers a unique translational methodology of fluorescence molecular imaging in humans to enable the macroscopic to microscopic visualization of the distribution of drugs in vivo and at the tissue level ex vivo. TRACER uses state-of-the-art and innovative clinical fluorescence imaging systems and enhances the decision-making process for an earlier go/no-go to help select the most potent drugs for a specific target population. In addition, by fluorescently labeling of drugs and unique fluorescent tracers, TRACER can investigate whether compounds can be used for clinical decision making during surgery or flexible endoscopy, or for personalized healthcare purposes providing the ultimate tool for precision drug development.

TRACER collaborates with the most celebrated and globally located academic centers and industries, and has a world-class, experienced and multidisciplinary team with access to world-leading key-opinion experts in the field. TRACER develops, GLP/GMP manufactures and evaluates proprietary drugs by fluorescent or nuclear labeling, translating it to the clinic while adhering to the highest industrial standards.

Secondly, AxelaRx B.V. manages a USA-based subsidiary AxelaRx Biosciences Inc. that  substantiates international collaborations with small and large drug development companies  and universities to develop novel IP into compounds with the goal to be acquired by established pharmaceutical entities.

“We are inspired by the potential of today’s innovations in medical technology. However, we must ensure we do not lose track of the human side of it” say the AxelaRx founders Go van Dam and Ari Aminetzah. The realization that not all drugs in development actually improve patient outcomes led to the founding of AxelaRx B.V.

“From a societal and economic perspective it is in the interest of society to reduce the steady growing drug development costs” according to Peter Haasjes, Nextgen Ventures. “Generating accurate molecular imaging data, such as delivered by AxelaRx B.V.,  accelerates the development of novel drugs that benefits patients as well as the healthcare system as a whole”.


About Nextgen Ventures

Nextgen Ventures is an investment fund in which healthcare insurers Menzis and De Friesland Zorgverzekeraar, Stichting Triade (a subsidiary of the University Medical Centre of Groningen) and Noaber Foundation have invested. NextGen Ventures invests in knowledge-intensive companies that bring about a change in healthcare, preferably potential breakthrough innovations within health IT of medical technology. For more information, visit the website www.nextgenventures.nl.


About AxelaRx B.V.

AxelaRx B.V. provides a unique combination of a clinical research organization specialized in molecular imaging and an accelerator that accelerates the development of novel intellectual property.  The company’s innovative approach in the drug development process reduces costs and time-to-market

For more information about AxelaRx B.V. and its subsidiaries, send an e-mail to: info@tracercro.com or visit the website www.tracercro.com.


Peter Haasjes

Fondsmanager van NextGen Ventures.