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Moveshelf raises €1.7M to accelerate growth and international sales of its Information System for Movement Disorders

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Moveshelf raises €1.7M to accelerate growth and international sales of its Information System for Movement Disorders

Moveshelf raises €1.7M to accelerate growth and international sales of its Information System for Movement Disorders
5 October 2022
Utrecht, The Netherlands

Moveshelf is a private digital health company which supplies a novel information system for movement and musculoskeletal disorders. With Moveshelf’s certified Software-as-a-Service, healthcare organizations unlock use of mobility measurements in clinical settings, store data from cameras and wearables in one secure place and allow their medical teams to easily visualize results and take better decisions together. Moveshelf has now raised €1.7M to accelerate growth, strengthen the team, expedite product development, and realize international expansion. The round was led by Nextgen Ventures and joined by existing investors Utrecht Health Seed Fund and Locapes Investment Fund.

Moveshelf, founded by Ignazio Aleo and Per Slycke, supports digitization of care for movement and musculoskeletal disorders (MD/MSK). More than 1% of US GDP is spent on care for MD/MSK, and especially severe disorders such as Osteoarthritis, Stroke, Cerebral Palsy, and Parkinson’s disease have a high societal, human, and economic impact. Due to recent technological advances, human movement is now measured everywhere with wearables and smart cameras. With this abundance of data available, now is the time to unlock advanced movement analysis for care providers, specialists, and patients, to improve MD/MSK care across the care cycle.

Launching customers of Moveshelf include leading EU and US care providers specialized in MD/MSK, such as the Sint Maartenskliniek, University Medical Center Groningen, Roessingh Rehabilitation Center, and Maastricht University Medical Center. Teams at launching customers use Moveshelf every day to centralize measurements from patients wherever they are, create concise reports as a basis for diagnosis, therapy selection & monitoring, and access these reports wherever they work. All this in one secure and compliant information system, certified according to ISO27001 and NEN7510. With these achievements in place, Moveshelf is uniquely positioned to be a leader in the market for MD/MSK care.

Ignazio Aleo, PhD, CEO of Moveshelf, said: “We are thrilled to have the support of this outstanding consortium of experienced digital healthcare investors. This funding will enable us to support many more organizations and patients with our unique information system for movement disorders. We are excited to enter a new chapter and we feel privileged and proud to be working on a service which can make a significant positive contribution on patients’ lives.”

Peter Haasjes, Investment Director at NextGen Ventures, commented: “We believe that acquiring digital biomarkers from patients and analyzing them will improve the quality of diagnoses and ultimately treatments and patient outcomes. Movement and musculoskeletal disorders play such a big part in patients’ lives and Moveshelf is uniquely positioned to assist physicians and laboratory technicians with their day-to-day activities and catalyze innovation.”

Background statements

About Nextgen Ventures
Nextgen Ventures is an investment fund investing in knowledge-intensive companies that enable transformation in health care. We actively work with our portfolio companies to develop and market potential breakthrough innovations in health care IT and medical technology that provide meaningful results for people, patients, and professionals. For more information, please visit www.nextgenventures.nl.

About Utrecht Health Seed Fund
Utrecht Health Seed Fund (UHSF) is an early-stage life sciences & health investment fund based out of Utrecht, The Netherlands, focused on scalable technologies in the field of Life Sciences (therapeutics and diagnostics), Medical Devices, Digital Health, and Animal Health in the earliest stages of development. UHSF is established by Utrecht Holdings supported by the European Regional Development Fund (ERDF), UMC Utrecht, and the University of Utrecht. For more information, please visit www.uhsf.nl.

About Locapes Investment Fund
Locapes Investment Fund (Locapes) invests in early-stage B2B technology companies that aspire to improve how people live, work, and stay healthy by leveraging differentiated and unique technology. Locapes mainly focuses on 3D tracking-enabled technology companies, active in fields such as XR, robotics, and digital health tech.

Johannes Gijsbers, VP of Product
E: johannes.gijsbers@moveshelf.com
W: www.moveshelf.com